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Adding Additional Visa Pages to Passports

All regular American Citizen Services (ACS) are by appointment only.  Please click on Online Appointments to make your ACS appointment online. We suggest you read the following requirements before you make an appointment for passport services.

If the visa pages in your passport are becoming full, but your passport is still valid and in good condition, you may want to apply for additional visa pages to be added to your passport. In general, if you have four or more fully empty visa pages in your passport, you will not need to add pages, unless you plan extensive travel before you renew your passport or are able to reach a U.S. Embassy to apply for additional pages. Each set of additional pages consists of 24 visa pages, and up two sets can be added to your passport at a time. Indicate that you want two sets on your application form by checking the box for “52 pages". Regardless, consular officers are not permitted to add more than three sets of visa pages to a passport. If you are running out of visa pages in your passport and you have already had three additional sets of visa pages added to your passport, you will have to submit an application to renew your passport, irrespective of the date of expiry.

Application Requirements

  • Current valid passport.
  • Completed online application for additional visa pages (DS-4085). You must complete and submit the form online then print a copy to bring to your appointment.
  • The application fee for this service is U.S. $82 or the equivalent in Bangladeshi taka. Fees must be paid in cash, and are payable either in U.S. Dollars or the Bangladeshi taka equivalent.  

Processing Time

An application for additional visa pages will be processed within the same business day. 

Contact Information

  • Consular Section, U.S. Embassy
    Madani Ave. Baridhara Dhaka
    1212 Bangladesh

    American Citizen Services (ACS) Unit
    Phone: (880)(2) 5566-2000
    For ACS inquiries only

    E-mail:  American Citizen Services